Hello to all Footbikers across Canada and the United States.  We would like to welcome you to our 4th annual Canadian Footbike Championships to be held at Varsity Stadium in late June 2018mathieu. PICTURED ABOVE IS MATHIEU TURCOTTE, FROM QUEBEC,  THE MOST DECORATED CANADIAN FOOTBIKER WITH 4 CANADIAN RECORDS.


The events as of now are a 400m Sprint, 4x400m Relay and a middle distance event.  All events will have both men’s and women’s age categories.  Age categories are in 5 year increments beginning with 20 – 24 , 25 – 29 , 30 – 34 up until and including 70 – 74.  A social event will follow the Championships so that we can size up the competition for next year as well.  If you would like further information please contact Rodger Knight either via email (kickbikeontario@gmail.com) or via phone ( 905-451-8497) .  Wishing you all good kicks and a New Year full of opportunities. 
take care – Rodger Knight – Kickbike Ontario