DATE Oct. 21st  2015 – beautiful day – 15 C – lots of sun.
MODEL Sport Max
DESCRIPTION Distance: 8 km – vita parcour – 6 stations.  (4 stations 50 push-ups and 50 sit ups at each.  2 stations pull-ups by 15 each.)
STATS Total Time: ~40 min
HR Average: 151 BPM
HR Max: 167 BPM


We try to do this workout at least once a week.  It’s very effective at increasing heart rate (HR) into your maximum range and improving cardio fitness.

The squat jumps are optional, depending on injuries and physical limitations, but definitely increase your heart rate quickly.This workout is aimed more at maintaining a moderately high heart rate for an extended period, and builds more muscle endurance than the hills workout.

DATE August. 14th, 2015
MODEL (no Kickbike)
DESCRIPTION As many as possible of each exercise, in series:
Exercise Time: 1 min
Rest Time: 30 sec
  1. Push ups – aim for 100 plus
  2. Chin ups – aim for 25 – 30 plus
  3. Leg lifts (abs) – aim for 30 plus
  4. Shoulder flys – aim for 30 – 40 – 15 lbs in each hand
  5. Shoulder shrugs for traps. – pull up and back – squeeze – 35 lbs in each hand.
  6.  Plank: as long as possible – about 2 – 2.5 min. ( at this point I hate the plank – can’t wait until it’s over)

This is a totally exhaustive workout and we find we can only do this about twice a week max. Excellent for muscle endurance and fat loss.

You can also substitute any exercises or time frames to suit your fitness level.  There is very little equipment needed and it can be completed in a short time frame.

Please be thoughtful before trying your own version because it is very
demanding. I am 65 ( in a month )and am chasing my 22 year old son ( who just returned from Rwanda).  Not sure why but I
have never experienced an injury doing this 6 minute drill.  It helps to have
someone, a “shield mate” as the vikings would say, to support or share a
laugh with during the 6 minutes.