About Kickbike Ontario

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Kickbike Ontario Ltd.

Kickbike Ontario is a family owned business going on 16 years, owned and operated by the Knight family of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We serve Canadians who have a strong interest in health and fitness. Many of our customers are looking for low impact ways to commute and exercise.

Knight Family

Rodger Knight (pictured above at the Grand Canyon and below with wife Dianna at the first ever Canadian Footbike Championships at York University in 2013), is the principle owner and a retired high school phys-ed and mathematics teacher. He taught and coached for the Toronto District School Board for 32 years. He has an Honours degree in Phys. Ed from York University (Toronto) and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto. Rodger currently volunteers as a basketball and track coach at Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton Ontario.

Wife Dianna, also a retired high school mathematics teacher is now working as an interior designer. Son Jesse, has completed his masters in medical imaging through the  BioMedical Engineering Program at the University of Guelph. Jesse currently is working for the research department for St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto working on algorithms for infectious diseases in third world countries.

Rodger & Dianna

Rodger & Dianna at the inaugural Canadian Footbike Championships, Aug 2013

All three have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Canada and the United States on their Kickbikes. Rodger and Dianna have just returned from a Kickbiking trip to Helsinki, Finland where they met and spent a day with the owner of Kickbike World Hannu Vierkko. Kickbike World is the parent company of Kickbike Ontario Ltd.


Kickbike Ontario has appeared on BreakfastTV (City TV Toronto), CTV’s Lifetime with Pauline Chan, CHEX TV in Peterborough, the Toronto Star newspaper and in a segment of Subaru’s Ironman U.S. competition as well as in a number of local magazines. Recently in the summer of 2015 we did a story for the Windsor Star newspaper with reporter Kelly Steele.

Six years ago at the 2012 Toronto International Bicycle Show in Toronto, Kickbike Ontario was awarded the GREEN Smart Award for being the greenest exhibitor at the show.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and please feel free to contact any one of us at 905-451-8497 if you have any questions about the sport of footbiking.