Urban Poles

KBO Urban Poles

Urban poles are a simple way to get more out of walking as a fitness exercise; by employing the upper body, urban poles increase caloric output and engage the whole body.  The poles shown above were designed by fitness walking pioneer Tom Rultin and a panel of certified occupational therapists.

Health Benefits

Urban poling has a number of benefits over normal walking:

    • Increases heart rate by 5 – 17 BPM or about 13 % without the perception that you’re working any harder.
    • Provides an increase in calorie usage by as much as 46 % – an average hour of activity amounts to 400 cal compared to  260 cal.
    • 90 % of body muscles are engaged as compared to 65 % – the abdominal muscles in particular will surprise you!
    • Can help to release muscle tension and pain in the neck and shoulder regions – common problems with extended desk-work.
    • Reduces the load on the knees and joints by off-loading some of the stress to the upper body.  Orthopedic Surgeon J. Richard Steadman of Vail, Colorado says “Walking with poles can reduce the accumulated force by about 6 tons over the course of a mile […] helping to preseve healthy joints”.

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Price $100
Pole Alloy – Telescopic Adjustable
Height Range 4’2 – 6’2
Handles Shock absorbing, hand contoured
Feet Shock absorbing, traction rubber
Muscles Engaged Forearm extensors and flexors
rear deltoids
broad back muscles


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