What Customers Say

What Customers Say

Shown below is Ines out for a ride on her brand new Freeride Kickbike.  Purchased in July 2020 as birthday gift she has really taken to the sport of footbiking.


Shown below is Sophie from central Canada who purchased her Clix in April  2020

Sophie says:  “I wish everyone in business treated clients like Rodger did with me. It was so personal and useful and I can’t thank him enough. The Clix bike I bought checks every box and then some.”

Sophie on Clix

Shown below is Terrilynn from western Canada who purchased a red G4 Sport in late April 2020

terrilynn 1

terrilynn 2

“After doing some research on adult scooters I decided to purchase the Kickbike.  Rodger was very helpful on the phone and helped me decide which model would be best to suit my needs.

Within a few days I received my brand new beautiful red G4 Sport.

Having ridden almost everyday in the last two weeks since I received my kickbike, I have
developed a rhythm in kicking and certainly feel stronger in my legs. Not only is this a fun exercise  routine during this covid time but a great way to stop and visit with the curious pedestrians.  I love my kickbike and would highly recommend this investment. Thank you Rodger for your enthusiasm and  making the purchasing experience so pleasant! “



Shown above is Eric from Oshawa.  He purchased his new G4 Sport

in August. 2019

Eric + Kickbike

“I’ve got it set up and got in about 3km this afternoon. I love it! I’m looking forward to many great years on this kickbike!” – Eric

Alison from British Columbia – purchased dog leash adapter   in Oct. 2019 – shown below:

“Thank you so much for this leash adapter. This is day one. Figuring it out. It was too soon to expect Zeus to run in front so I rode around and he slowly made his way in front then would turn around and come and see me so through the week he has learned about pulling with his line attached to a tire.  He loves it !! “- Alison from B.C.   Oct. 2019adapter 2

“Hi there I recieved my kick bike last night I took it around the blocks today it is incredible. I am starting to get comfy changing feet. It sure let me know how much I have been getting out of shape. Thank you so much I love it.”

Alison from BC, Cross Max 20 HD (2017)


“Do you know I do kick biking, minimum 4 times a week, each time at least 1.5 hours. And wear a weighted vest (75 lbs). Two summers ago did a 650 klms trip on a rail trail.  amazing. It has changed my life.”

Dave from North York ON, owner of 5 different Kickbike models (2012)


“I’ve been kicking for seven months now and my doctor says I have the heart and blood work of a 33 year old (I’ll be 53 this summer). Getting the Kickbike was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done!”

Steve from Burnaby BC, Millenium Racer


“I love it. The wonderful feeling of freedom one gets with the leg swing is glorious. It actually is the safest kind of exercise next to walking as far as my knees go and such GOOD exercise.”

Ineke, Salt Springs, BC, G4 City Cruiser (Aug 2010)


“I am more than pleased with this excellent unit, and enjoying kicking my way to better health, plus having fun doing it.”

David, ON. X-Country model (April 2011)


“Been riding it almost every day. I love it!! What a perfectly simple ergonomic fitness apparatus, it makes me want to exercise. Also great cross training for cross country skiing.”

Ted, Edmonton AB, Millenium Racer (Aug 2011)


“It’s the only piece of fitness equipment that I have actually lost weight using”

Ingrid, Brampton ON, G3 Sports Classic


“I finally got out on it today with my dog …OMG! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it.”

Marina, BC, City Cruiser (Jan 2012)


“I love it. I’ve been on it every chance I’ve had and boy do my legs feel it!”

Alex, Ajax ON, Sport Max (May 2012)


“I like that it’s light and I can just toss it in the van and go. If I have time at lunch, I can drive to the park and go for a short ride along the waterfront trail. Much nicer than hanging around the office.”

Leslie, ON, X-Country (April 2012)


“Hello, I bought a free ride kickbike in Oct of this year and I must say my dog and I love it ! It is provides a prefect work out for pre season skijoring for the both of us. As a bonus it fits in the car with the front tire off across the back of the seats so I still have full car capacity.”

Stephen, Kingston ON, Freeride (Oct 2013)


“I’m having a great time on my Cross Max 20V on the country road beside my house. At this time of year, options for Kickbiking are limited without driving farther by car, but I do have a few km at my disposal, and the dirt road is especially smooth from ploughing. I thought there might be an issue with V brakes and tire traction on snow, but this hasn’t been a problem at all. Very pleased with the Kickbike’s performance, and looking forward to improving my own!”

Bill from ON, Cross Max 20 V (Jan 2016)


Thanks to our Kickbike customers for sharing their thoughts.