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Kickbikes are an excellent fitness tool on so many levels.  I have been using mine for the last 16 years to do interval training on a nearby 500m hill .   My son Jesse and I  usually complete 6 -8 repeats dependent on the day  – usually Saturdays.  We wear heart rate monitors.  At the top of the hill it is not uncommon for mine to read 160 – 180 bpm and my son’s can be close to 170 –  200bpm.  I am 70 years old and my son Jesse is 27. There have been times in the summer days that we will also include push-ups or sit-ups at the bottom of the hill prior to starting back up.   What is surprising about this workout is how much you will use your arms to help propel you up the hill.  It really is  a total body work-out and the best part is that you are doing it outdoors.  It is only on heavy snow days that keep us away.  The cold is not a factor ( if you dress properly).  The above is our outdoor workout.  Explained below is our indoor workout.

About  twice a week we also do an indoor circuit.  We have chosen 8 exercises that we go through just once each.  Each of those exercises we complete for one minute – we complete as many reps as we can for the one minute followed immediately by 30 seconds of rest.  We are strict about the rest period.  The exercises that we have chosen are ( and in this order) 1. Dips 2. Pull-ups 3. Hanging  crunches 4. Hanging lat pull-ups 5. Shoulder flys with 20 lbs 6. Shoulder shrugs with 80 lbs 7. Plank for 2 min. 15 sec. minutes . and followed by 30 sec. rest into 120 push-ups.  Once we start the push-ups we do not allow ourselves to rest by coming off our 4 point stance.  At times we might reach 80 continuous push-ups and we remain in the push-up position and crank out more reps until absolute fatigue and we remain in the push-up position until we can continue and compete the 120 push-ups.  We never rest with out body on the ground.  We started out with 3 exercises years ago and have built on over the years.  On a personally level I find I can only do this work-out about two to three times a week – it is totally exhausting!  My numbers ( if you are interested ) are 1.  Dips- 40 – 45 ( lately I have been able to complete 34-35 continuous dips in the first 40 –  45 seconds – so endurance is improving ) 2.  Pull-ups 30 –  35 3. Hanging Crunches 45  4. Hanging lat pulls – 20- 25 ( my weakest exercise)  5. Flys 30 – 35  6. Shoulder shrugs- I don’t count just work through one complete minute.  7. Complete the 2 min. 15 sec. of plank followed   by 30 sec. rest and then the 120  pushups.the last 5 – 10 are brutal – my whole body shakes , especially my legs)  – we allow for stopping or resting in the pushup position but  we never move out of the push-up postion until we have completed the 120.  I would suggest selecting 3 exercises to start at maybe 20 – 30 seconds dependent on your fitness level.  The rest period should also be tailored to your fitness level.  Please note:  I FIND THIS IS A VERY CHALLENGING WORK-OUT AND I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS EXACT WORKOUT TO ANYONE – JUST A SIMILAR FORMAT ON A LEVEL THAT WILL MEET YOUR FITNESS GOALS.  When you go to complete failure for each exercise there are serious hormonal changes and adaptions that occur.  Growth hormone is released , free blood testosterone levels go up, epinephrine release increases resulting in increased fat utilization for energy and it encourages insulin sensitivity to go up resulting in less fat deposits.  I have also read that because your body is in a state of stress throughout the protocol adrenaline release is also increased significantly.  My son and I are into using our own body weight as much as possible .  It helps to have a partner to work out with – what the vikings used to call a ” Shield Mate” – time goes more quickly and you are more motivated by laughing at each other – sorry I mean encouraging each other.  Comments and any suggestions are welcome at anytime especially if you have found something that works for you and  you would like to share.   WISHING YOU GOOD KICKS – RODGER KNIGHT – OWNER OF KICKBIKE ONTARIO.LTD AND PRESIDENT OF THE CANADIAN FOOTBIKE ASSOCIATION.