Kickspark – down to my last single Kickspark.

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Shown above is Debbie with her dog Grizz on trail near their home in Winnipeg.
“I purchased the kickspark from Rodger last February at what should have been the worst possible time: a truck blockade in Canada, and a big winter storm.
Rodger answered all my questions, and then some, and somehow managed to ship the kickspark out promptly. He answered my subsequent email questions right away and sent out additional runners that I had ordered just as quickly. (He didn’t even charge me until after all questions had been answered and after the kickspark had shipped. Who does that?)
I am a cross-country skier, but I wanted something new for the frequently icy conditions we have been experiencing. Plus, it looked like a lot of fun.
It’s as much of a workout as you want it to be, and is especially effortless on ice or packed trails. I found the extra add-on runners very useful on “regular” snow.
You will enjoy it, and you won’t find a more helpful and honest person to deal with than Rodger. Thanks again, Rodger!
Justin B.


A Kicksparks is a lightweight individual winter sled used for travelling across frozen lakes or well-packed snow.  The rigid frame is made of aluminum tubing, and can be folded for easy transportation by undoing 2 bolts. Newer “Max” models (shown) are 30% lighter than the older ESLA Kickspark.


The standard runners are made of zinc-coated steel and work best on ice and very hard impacted snow trails. Dimensions are: 4.7 mm thick by 28 mm high by 150 cm long.

Plastic snow runners will clip onto the standard runners, helping to support your Kickspark on less impacted snow trails. Plastic runners are popular among people using the Kickspark to train sled dogs.

Ice Runners are the high-end racing quality upgrade on the standard steel set. Made of stainless spring steel with an alloy casing, they are lightweight, very quiet and have extremely low friction. The Kickspark world record for 100 km is 3:38:50, accomplished on Ice Runners.


A specialized breakmat may be attached to the Kickspark, if desired (below). Stepping on the mat applies concentrated friction for stopping.
If you wish to purchase this breakmat or specialized runners please phone
905-451-8497. The Kickspark with standard zinc coated runners is priced at $435. The breakmat and/or specialized runners are extra.
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KBO Kickspark Break Mat

Price $435
Colours Brushed Aluminum
Frame Aluminum
Standard Runners Zinc-coated Steal
Handlebar Height (cm) 75 – 95
Extra Runners +$25 – Snow: Plastic

+$180 – Ice: Stainless Spring Steel

Extra Brake +$125
Weight (kg) 10.0

Please Note:  Standard shipping charges are $40 across Canada but may be slightly more due to shipping distance and volume of the Kickbike model/product  you choose.  We ship via UPS, FedEx Canpar or DHL. Which ever is least expensive for that circumstance. Also please note that if we are shipping to the U.S.A. there is a chance that you be charged a duty upon arrival at your door.  Judging from our experience that duty will be anywhere from $0 – $30 U.S. . The amount of the duty is really dependent on the border agent assessing the carton and thus the inconsistency in duty charged.

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