I am a firm believer in the idea that the most successful individuals in life are apprentices throughout their lives. It may be something as simple as stepping away from convention for a completely different perspective . In the last 10 – 15 years research has shown that aging is the number one cause of the progression of late onset diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzeimers and some form of cancers. How you age is influenced by a number of personal factors such as genetics, diet , lifestyle and the environment in which you live. Some of these factors such as lifestyle and diet we have some control over, some not so much such as genetics. Aging in fact has become thought of as a disease in itself by some scientists related to the degradation of a person’s DNA. ( see the Chuck Dinerstein’s July 18th, 2018 article on the World Health Organizations struggle to define what a disease is and how redefining aging as a disease my lead to a different perspective on how to treat the diseases of aging. ) There are even some scientists who believe that we are on the cusp of actually reversing the aging process or at the very least slowing it down. ( See Dr. David Sinclair’s Youtube lecture series entitled Live Longer , Live Better Lecture Series – Why reversing Aging is Easier Than Reversing Baldness” )

One of the common barometers that is known to affect the aging process is exercise. A recent study out of the University of Birmingham , King’s College in London found that those who exercised regularly suffered less muscle loss, had reduced cholesterol levels, higher testosterone levels ( which they felt made the occurrence of male andropause less likely) as well as increased immune function. The immune function was directly related to the formation of “T” cells by the thymus organ. According to the study the formation of these cells begins to decline in your 20’s but that decline is far less for those who were committed to regular exercise. Dr. Niharika Arora Duggal of the University of Birmingham said “We hope these findings prevent the danger that , as a society we accept that old and disease are normal bedfellows and that the third age of man is something to be endured and not enjoyed.”

Thanks for stopping in – Rodger Knight – Owner of Kickbike Ontario and an “Apprentice for Life”